ZT-L20 Series

Monoblock Directional Control Valve 

ZT-L20 series

•   Monoblock types with 1 to 4 working sections
•   Nominal diameter: G1/2; G3/4; G1; M22*1.5; M27*2
•   Spool function: O, P. Y, A 
•   Parallel circuit
•   Joining port: L (screw connection)
•   Spool returning type with T (spring return) and W (ball locking) 200bar, max pressure up to 315bar
•   Nominal pressure 80 l/min, max 100 l/minute with pressure
ZT-L20 seriesModel examples: ZT-L20F-OT; ZT-L20H-OT.AT.OT; ZT-L20F-4OT; ZT-L20F-OT-J etc.